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October Update!

So many neat things happened this month I can't wait to tell you about! The first exciting thing that October brought was Fall Camp! Fall Camp is an annual event that is specific to each college campus. UTA had ours at Camp Copass in Denton, Texas and it was seriously such a fun weekend. There was a couple organized sessions in between the free time that we had to hang out with one another, but the most impactful session to me was the worship night. 

One of the questions we discussed was "what is something about God that you are just in awe of?" The responses were amazing from all the students. Students reflected on the beauty of all God created, how vast the universe is that we know very little about, how human beings are so intricately and perfectly made by God, and so much more. We probably sat there discussing how awesome God is for about an hour and nobody ever ran out of anything to say. This time was really impactful to me because I don't often take time to si…