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January Update!

Happy 2018 everyone!!!! I'm so excited for all the new and exciting things that are happening this year!

December was a really awesome month! We had our Christmas party for the UTA campus and it was so encouraging to see all the students who came into this ministry during Welcome Week there at the Christmas party at the end of the semester. All of the Core groups prepared a Core performance for the party that had to incorporate Christmas, Disney (the theme was Disney Christmas), school spirit, and a lot of other really funny and pretty ridiculous things. My Core wanted to reenact the Nativity scene but use characters from the Lion King which was hilarious and so fun to plan! Overall, Christmas party was a really sweet time to reflect on how faithful God has been this semester and all that he is doing in the lives of the students at UTA!

My sweet friend Lauren I have talked about before made the decision to get baptized this past month! Meeting with her every week and seeing how J…