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April Update!

Spring has sprung and I could not be more thrilled to get to enjoy the warm sunshine finally! I thought that I loved the rain and winter but turns out I definitely enjoy sitting by the pool and wearing shorts much more.

So with Easter being this Sunday, we decided to do an outreach event on campus to hopefully spark some spiritual conversations about what Easter means. We hard boiled a ton of eggs and decided to go old-school and set up a table and have students on campus come and dye eggs! So many people would walk by and make comments about how reminiscent dying eggs is for them and how much fun they used to have doing that as a child. Well, we gave them the chance to dye some eggs as a grown adult and it was awesome.

The cool thing about the outreach event is we got to have longer conversations with people while they were dying the eggs. I got to talk to one girl about her family's Easter traditions growing up and what Easter means to her we had a really neat conversation and I…

March Update!

I am so incredibly grateful that I get to do what I do. This year has been the biggest blessing I could have received from my gracious and loving Father. I am surrounded by the most supportive staff who are not only helping me grow as a minister but they are such sweet friends to me. The students I get to work with are so fun and crazy and make me laugh a lot and I have been learning so much from all of them. God is so so good to me for placing this ministry into my life and allowing me to be apart of it again this year.

We had a really neat outreach this month! We had signs posted up in the flower beds in the center of campus that had quotes from various people, movies, and novels that show our cultures popular conceptions about love. We also had signs that with quotes from scripture on how love is defined by God. All of the quotes on the poster were posted without the person who said each one and we just asked students to chose a couple of quotes that they agree with. The goal was to…