April Update!

Spring has sprung and I could not be more thrilled to get to enjoy the warm sunshine finally! I thought that I loved the rain and winter but turns out I definitely enjoy sitting by the pool and wearing shorts much more.

So with Easter being this Sunday, we decided to do an outreach event on campus to hopefully spark some spiritual conversations about what Easter means. We hard boiled a ton of eggs and decided to go old-school and set up a table and have students on campus come and dye eggs! So many people would walk by and make comments about how reminiscent dying eggs is for them and how much fun they used to have doing that as a child. Well, we gave them the chance to dye some eggs as a grown adult and it was awesome.

The cool thing about the outreach event is we got to have longer conversations with people while they were dying the eggs. I got to talk to one girl about her family's Easter traditions growing up and what Easter means to her we had a really neat conversation and I got to talk about Jesus with her. 

Since Easter is this week wanted to share some things that have really made me in awe of God this past week in reflecting on Passover and the Resurrection. If any of you are familiar with the Exodus story in scripture, or have watched the cartoon movie the Prince of Egypt (which happens to be pretty accurate) then you the story about Moses being called by God to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt. I have just found it to be amazing to realize the parallels between what God did thousands of years before and what He did on the cross. Here are some of the parallels that I have learned between Exodus and the Cross: 

1. The Jewish people were in bondage in Egypt; God's people were in bondage to sin.

2. The Jewish people were completely powerless to deliver themselves from slavery; God's people were powerless to deliver themselves from slavery under sin.

3. God told his people to sacrifice a lamb so when the angel of death came, their firstborn would not be killed; Jesus is the lamb that was sacrificed and defeated death.

There are so many more parallels that just emphasize further that Jesus is SUCH GOOD NEWS! God since the beginning of time has been paving the way for Jesus to be recognized as the ultimate fulfillment of what God has been doing all along. I pray that today and everyday we remember how good our God has been and will continue to be. 

Something else that is exciting and coming up is SPRING SHOWCASE! 

Spring Showcase is an event that FOCUS put on each year to help raise money for the students that we send to SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry). Making and maturing disciples for the glory of God is our mission as a ministry and sending students to SICM is one of the ways we equip students to share their faith on their college campuses and other people in their lives. SICM is a week long and students will spend a lot of time in classes learning more about Jesus' model of ministry and how to adopt those things into their own ministry. At the end of the week, they get to go out onto a college campus and engage in campus conversations with students there which was such a neat experience for me! OH! I forgot to mention that SICM is in BELLINGHAM WASHINGTON, which just happens to be the most beautiful places on planet earth. 
My Core from Showcase last year!
Spring Showcase is going to be amazing this year! There will be a show at 3PM and 7PM with an art show in between at 5:30PM on April 7th at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church in Carrolton. All the performances were amazing last year and it was definitely my favorite event of the year! Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a show that you definitely will not regret seeing or if you would like to help support a student going to SICM this year, you can give a scholarship to help a student at https://anyfocus.org/sicm/ 

UTA SICM peeps

Mostly posted this because of the photo-bomber

Exploring Bellingham with our sweet host mom

I ask that you pray that the students who are raising money to go to SICM get fully fundraised to be able to go on this trip and be able to learn how to be awesome missionaries on their campuses!

Thank you for all of your support of my ministry and what God is doing at UT-Arlington. 

In Christ, 


  1. Hello my sweet and beautiful Caitlin! I am also in awe of how good God is and how he wrote such meaningful parallels into the story of his work in the world. Everything Jesus did was so weighty, so layered and rich with allusions to the great, big story of God's creation and redemption of His people. It is so awe-inspiring.

    Those pictures from SICM are getting me excited for that trip this year! We have so many bright, committed people going this year. I can't wait to see how God uses that training to equip them to make a difference at UTA!

    Love you!


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