The new chapter has begun!

Happy August everyone! It is officially the start of my FOCUS Apprenticeship for the 2017-2018 school year! 
FOCUS Apprentices 2017-2018

I started off my summer heading into fundraising season which I was extremely apprehensive about and had no idea what to expect. I had fears of not being able to get fully fundraised and having to miss out on the opportunity to do what I felt God was calling me to do. But thankfully I can officially say I am fully fundraised! I learned through the fundraising process that the Lord works in miraculous ways to provide everything that we need to carry out his mission. Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting me financially and prayerfully. Without all of you I really would not be able to do this! 

The official start of my apprenticeship began at the last summer FOCUS when all the new apprentices and staff members making new commitments were recognized at the ordination ceremony. This was such a special night and a reminder of the responsibilities that we have as staff to our community but more importantly to God to be the best disciple we can, leading students to a life in step with Jesus. 
Prayer over all the apprentices and staff 

Monday all the FOCUS staff headed out to staff retreat at Bethel Ranch! I felt so excited and a little nervous to spend four days with the thirty other staff members, most of them who I didn't know yet. The first night we got there we settled in to our house where we would be staying, ate dinner, and had a time of worship. Later in the evening there was free time to play games and relax with one another and that was so much fun! The morning sessions we spent reading an article called "An Invitation to the Spiritual Life" that discussed the importance of making space for God in our lives, minds and hearts and the practical ways of seeking him in solitude and in community. Spending time in silence with the Lord and making room for him to fill my mind instead of the numerous other things I think about, has been so hard for me recently. I often forget that God wants me to be quiet sometimes, not in prayer, not in scripture, not journaling, but rather just sitting and existing with him. It is in this place of solitude and silence that we can bring nothing, yet receive the gift of his voice and his presence. I think this will be extremely important for me to remember this year as I embark on this new journey and my days become so busy. We also shared with each other our own call to ministry which was a neat time to reflect on all the work God has done in my life this past year and a comforting reminder that I am exactly where he wants me to be. I left staff retreat with new friends and a full heart!
All of FOCUS Staff 

As the school year begins please pray for the staff and students that the Lord would lead us to the students he has prepared for us this year and that he would move in powerful and mighty ways on UT-Arlington's campus.

With love, 


  1. Caitlin I am so thrilled to be working with you at UTA this school year! You have blessed me already by sharing how God is working in your life. Your obedience to the Lord is an encouragement to everyone who knows you. Here's looking forward to a great year in ministry with you!

  2. Caitlin!

    It is great to read your first blog post! I have looked forward to this day for an extended period of time! Can't wait to hear more about how the year goes! Yay!!!



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