February Update!!!

You guys, I love my job, I love the students I get to work with, I love the people I work with, I love the classes I get to take and how much I am learning and I love getting to experience the Lord in new ways and grow in intimacy with Him. I am so so filled with gratitude that the Lord has given me this opportunity to do this apprenticeship.

In January, all of the FOCUS ministries on the different college campuses packed up and loaded their cars and headed to Sky Ranch located in middle-of-nowhere Van, Texas. This is one of the most impactful things that we do as a ministry for me and I know that it is so meaningful to so many students as well. In my last blog post I talked a little bit about what Winter Camp is and what we do there so I won't bore you and repeat all the details. But I will share with you the ways in which this past Winter Camp was meaningful to me. I had a really neat experience with the Lord that might be hard to explain on paper (well, word document) but I will do my best!

On the first night on Winter Camp I was pretty anxious and stressed about a lot of different things and it was really hard for me to be present with people and not drowning in my thoughts. We filed into the sanctuary to worship and listen to the first sermon to kick off Winter Camp and I just wanted to do anything but be in a room with 600+ people. But I seriously felt the Lord telling me to change my attitude and open up my heart and be ready to experience Him. So I went on in there and started worshipping with the other 600 students that were there and God immediately laid on my heart that I was standing in a room with 600 other people who love him and who are also going through their own hardships and yet, here they are worshipping with all they have and praising God for all he has done. It made me really emotional to think about how my selfishness at times keeps me from recognizing who God is and can distort all the good and praiseworthy things he is doing in my life. God used those 600 students shouting songs of praise to remind me of his goodness and how even amongst any challenge I am facing, he remains good. It's amazing how God works in different settings and is able to use any situation to reveal something about himself.

Here are some sweet fun pictures of Winter Camp...

Girls from my Core who I love a lot 

Picture stolen from Carla's Facebook 

They all bought matching headbands...just kidding they won them.

My sweet friend Chelsea

This month we had our annual FOCUS Open House which was so encouraging to me. Open House is run like a typical Thursday Night Fellowship except instead of having a sermon we have students speak about how God has worked in their lives through FOCUS and we have parents share on how God has worked through their students lives through FOCUS. It is so sweet to hear the different testimonies of how God is working through this ministry to pursue college students and win their hearts to him.

This month in Core we are doing a series called "Jesus is Lord" and we talked last week about when Jesus isn't Lord over our lives it results in sin, next week we will be talking about what it looks like when Jesus is Lord, and the last week we will be talking about how Jesus is Lord through the Holy Spirit. My co-fa and I are really excited about this and think it is something all of us need to be reminded of. That Jesus should be Lord over our whole lives, not just the aspects of our life that we feel comfortable with him being Lord over. I love the girls in my Core so much and this year with them so far has been such a blessing. They are growing so much together and becoming such sweet friends and it has been so neat to see how Jesus is transforming each of them. 

They're not all pictured here but I love them so much!!

Thank you all so much for supporting me through this journey! I am able to do this work because of all of you and your prayers.

In Christ, 

Check out this months student testimony!


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